Accelerating the development of life-preserving therapies for patients at high-risk of cardiovascular diseases

About Anthos

Anthos Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing innovative therapies for high-risk cardiovascular patients.

Anthos is a formation of Blackstone (NYSE: BX) Life Sciences and Novartis AG (NYSE: NVS), one of the worlds’ leading pharmaceutical companies. The company is led by a world-class executive team highly experienced in the successful development of therapies for cardiovascular disease.

About MAA868

Anthos’s lead program is MAA868, an antibody directed at Factor XI and XIa, key components of the intrinsic coagulation pathway. Early clinical trials indicate MAA868 has the potential to prevent a variety of cardiovascular disorders with minimal or no bleeding risk within a new, long acting treatment paradigm, thus providing major advantages over the conventional standards of care.

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High-risk patients

Thrombotic disorders are estimated to account for one in four deaths and are the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Thrombotic disorders can affect arteries or veins, manifesting as ischemic stroke, peripheral artery disease, venous thromboembolism, and many debilitating orphan diseases.

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High unmet need

A large unmet medical need exists for next generation anti-thrombotic therapies in patients currently underserved by conventional anticoagulant therapies. Many patients with, or at risk of, thrombotic disorders continue to experience blood clots or have life-threatening bleeds on anticoagulant medications. Many patients are not prescribed anticoagulants at all because of the risk of bleeding.

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Targeted therapy

MAA868 is a novel, fully human, potent Factor XI antibody that uniquely binds with high affinity both active enzyme and zymogen. Single subcutaneous doses of MAA868 in a clinical study exhibited strong long-lasting anticoagulant activity in humans and a promising safety profile. MAA868 effectively reduces Factor XI for more than 4 weeks, representing a potential once-monthly subcutaneous anti-thrombotic agent.

Management Team

Alex Yi

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Dan Bloomfield

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Debra Freedholm

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Janeen Salter

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Jessica Patrick Seabrook

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John Glasspool

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Jonathan Freeman, Ph.D.

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Lynn Mallett

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Nik Mehta

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Yasser Khder

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Charles Hsu

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Board of Directors

Nicholas Galakatos, Ph.D.

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Paris Panayiotopoulos

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Scott Beardsley

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Ari Brettman, M.D.

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Shaun Coughlin, M.D., Ph.D.

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Richard Pasternak, M.D.

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Greg Norden

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Our Investors

Blackstone Life Sciences is an industry-leading private investment platform with capabilities to invest across the life-cycle of companies and products within the key life science sectors. Investments are of sufficient scale to allow companies or products to reach meaningful value inflection points and are made in conjunction with hands-on operational leadership. In launching this new platform, Blackstone acquired Clarus, a leading global life-sciences firm.



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Koch AW, Schiering N, Melkko S, et al. MAA868—a novel FXI antibody with a unique binding mode—shows durable effects on markers of anticoagulation in humans. Blood 2019; blood-2018-10-880849.

Accessed February 21, 2019